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What is Cloud Hosting

You probably have heard a lot of buzz around the internet about "the cloud". But what is the cloud that everyone is so excited about, and what does it have to do with your hosting services? How does cloud hosting differ from traditional hosting services? Let's take a look at what cloud hosting is as we look through the chatter and buzzwords. But before getting our heads in the clouds, let's look at some of the traditional types of hosting services and their use cases. What are the different types of traditional web [...]

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are the most basic security building block of all websites. In this article, we describe how SSL certificates work and where to purchase them.

Domain Names

Your domain is an extension of your brand and so selecting a domain name that resonates with your customers is important. In this article, we discuss why an action oriented domain name may be beneficial and why you might want to consider one of the newer top-level domain extensions.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular and customizable CMS available for website building and management available today.

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