Domains Category

The Domain Life Cycle

The sequence of domain name statuses and events is what is referred to as the Domain Life Cycle.

WhoIs Verification

Occasionally, you will be asked by ICANN to verify your domain contact information be requesting a WhoIs verification.

Cancel a Domain Registration

If you no longer need a domain name and wish to cancel your domain registration, you need to cancel your auto renewals.

Renewing your domain

You can renew your domains manually or change the term length in your Deluxe Hosting client area.

Managing Alias Domains

You can use the Alias Domains app to managing your alias domains from within your cPanel

Simple DNS Zone Editor

The simple DNS zone editor is used in older cPanel versions to manage A and CNAME DNS records

DNS Zone Editor

The cPanel DNS Zone Editor app is were you can add, delete or manage all of your domain's DNS records.

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